New Neighborhood Discovery App Disrupting Real Estate Marketplace

urMuv Adds Sex Offender Locations to Crime Feature Based on User Feedback

Washington D.C. - September 7, 2017 – Today urMuv, a one-stop neighborhood shopping app that helps consumers find their ideal place to live, announced the addition of sex offender locations to its crime feature. This new capability is one of many that allows consumers to find the perfect neighborhood before finding their new home based on unique criteria.

UrMuv is a free app available on iTunes that helps U.S. consumers easily find the right community based on their needs, before looking for a new home or apartment. UrMuv allows users to pick any U.S. city, select criteria important to them and quickly receive the “urMuv Sweetspots” with the best matching communities based on their personal preferences. Users can search across multiple information sources including hospitals, schools, crime rates, commute times, local restaurants, and the recently added, sex offender locations.

“More than 20 million Americans relocate each year. However, there are only a few resources dedicated to helping them find the ideal neighborhood based on their personal criteria,” said Keith Trippie, founder of urMuv. “When my family and I were looking for our second home, like many other consumers, I made the mistake of buying the right house, but in the wrong neighborhood. “After talking with neighbors, friends and many co-workers, I realized this was a problem facing everyone.” Trippie said.

To serve the evolving demands of homebuyers and apartment renters, urMuv regularly updates the app to include new features based on user feedback. During the past few months, the company has added more than 1,000 Veterans Affairs’ hospitals and facilities, and a very popular feature allowing users to rate and recommend neighborhoods for future users.

urMuv’s patent-pending technology is in process of going through its first round of fund raise and is actively talking with Real Estate companies and organizations focused on helping military, Veterans and their families about collaborative partnerships.

 “We are gaining traction with real estate companies that have seen Trulia’s new neighborhood feature and looking to make a buy/build decision.” said Trippie.  “Integrating urMuv’s neighborhood discovery platform with theirs will give Real Estate and mortgage companies a competitive advantage and help them provide a one-stop shop to their housing or apartment inventory app.” Trippie said. 

“We are excited about the future and helping our users reduce the risk associated with what typically is the largest financial investment they make during their lifetime.”

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About urMuv Inc

urMuv is the only neighborhood discovery app focused on helping the 26M+ active duty, Veterans and their families when they are transitioning from service, PCSing, or relocating as a Veteran.  UrMuv matches consumers to the right community, based on their personal preferences, before they visit housing and apartment websites. urMuv is a free, patent-pending app hosted on iTunes and allows consumers to easily find the right schools for their kids, communities with the most restaurants, local crime rates, commute times, hospitals and VA facilities.  urMuv covers most US communities today and is expanding services to reach more U.S. communities.  urMuv can be found on iTunes and later this year will add an Android version.

Media and Investment Contact:
Keith Trippie
Founder urMuv Inc / GotUrSix TV